Young Start-Up Presents the First Bitcoin ATMs

Young Start-Up Presents the First Bitcoin ATMs

Lately, the frequency of this media policy of this Bitcoin has increased strongly. The present very high price of Bitcoin along with the consequently increased distribution, cause a growing number of investors and start-ups to produce their own business models around the digital crypto currency.


Limitations on Purchasing Bitcoins

Whoever wanted to purchase bitcoins up to now, generally had to give up his bank accounts or his accounts information via an online payment service provider. Purchasing Bitcoins so much was ultimately not anonymous. The sole exception is that the complicated detour via payment service providers like LibertyReserve or VirWoX. In this manner, there was always a certain quantity of money hanging around the market. The market to BTCs is extremely simple: simply insert the US dollar notes up into the 100 dollar bill into the machine or move the information to the ATM via the QR code of this smartphone or tablet computer and within a couple of seconds the user already credited his number in Bitcoins and received a corresponding confirmation.


The brand new Bitcoin ATM: anonymous and within minutes USD safely swap in bitcoins

Even numbers of many thousand US dollars could be moved so quickly and safely. The start-up company from New Hampshire expects to have the ability to offer you the ATM for 1,000 to 1,500 USD stores, restaurants or resorts, which the device subsequently sets up to create publicity and provide clients an excellent service. Just how much the price will ultimately depend also on the split commission in the market actions, as it sounds, Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures would like to give different commission models. This is once again a step in the right direction to create Bitcoin accessible to the general public and so to strengthen the position of this Bitcoin.


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